For companies

The Rijkswijk Center for Sustainable Geo-energy is your ideal partner for research into geometry and geothermal energy.

RCSG assists organizations

Together with the business community we set up a project or research into sustainable underground energy applications in our full scale test center. RCSG assists organizations in starting up research, finding the right parties, exploring financing options and carrying out the research. We like to work with public-private partnerships. In these, investments by companies are combined with government subsidies wherever possible. In this way, working on the energy transition offers organizations an opportunity for profit. Moreover, the cooperation between the parties acts as a catalyst; the connection between them accelerates the energy transition.   

Projects are executed under the General Terms and Conditions of TNO (for details see here)

Together we can make a difference in accelerating the energy transition.

A reliable partner  

RCSG is at the forefront of knowledge development on sustainable geothermal and geothermal energy. With more than 90 years of research experience at TNO, we play a key role in the field of innovations and solutions in the energy transition. By combining our knowledge with that of the business community, innovation is accelerated. Together, we are taking major steps towards a sustainable future for the Netherlands and worldwide.  


RCSG offers cutting edge facilities in the field of geothermal energy for projects and experimental research. Nowhere in Europe is there such a wide selection of advanced equipment in one place. (Here’s an example of advanced equipment). This means that a wide range of high quality experimental research is possible in just one location for companies directly or indirectly involved in geothermal energy.   

Ongoing Research  

The full scale research facilities at our location in Rijswijk make it possible to conduct diverse research into the technology and application of geothermal heat. It is the perfect learning environment for energy companies, knowledge institutions and SMEs, among others. On location we do research on drilling, materials, wells and flow behavior in boreholes and the near-well zone. In addition, we research sustainable applications in the subsurface, such as the storage of CO2, heat and hydrogen and techniques to promote the transition from oil and gas. Would you like to investigate something else? In consultation, anything is possible. 

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