Energy Cave: Underground exhibition space and meeting place The Energy Cave is affiliated with the RCSG (Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geoenergy) innovation center. Together with the RCSG, the beautifully designed exhibition and meeting space is the center for sustainable underground energy applications.

Energy Cave

Together with the RCSG, the beautifully designed exhibition and meeting space is the center for sustainable underground energy applications. Visitors gain knowledge about earth layers and well drilling. By renting out rooms in the Energy Cave, the center is a special meeting place for groups of professionals and entrepreneurs from this sector, from the Netherlands and abroad. 

Exhibition on strata and wells 

On entering the Energy Cave, visitors descend through the visually designed strata to the exhibition and meeting space. For every meter you descend the stairs, you descend one kilometer into the earth’s crust. Around you, you can read about the layers of the earth and see through which layers you drill when you make a borehole. Once you have descended all the way into the Energy Cave, the climate wall makes global warming visible and shows the urgency of stopping this process. And of course you will find detailed explanations about the RCSG’s specialty: drilling the wells that are so necessary to provide us with sustainable energy from the earth. 

Room rental and meeting place

The Energy Cave not only provides an exciting educational environment. The complex can also be used to rent out rooms, for guided tours and to display beautifully designed information about the energy transition and sustainable underground applications. It is a welcoming place where managers and entrepreneurs working on the energy transition meet their peers, clients and business partners. The Energy Cave has an exhibition area of 250 m2 , a workshop of 100 m2 and a lecture hall that can accommodate 120 people and is located in the basement of At the Park in Rijswijk, where the RCSG is also located.


First visitors

In April 2022, the first group will visit the Energy Cave. Among others, the branch association Geothermie Nederland (GN) and the international branch association IGA (International Geothermal Association) will use the space to receive guests.

Work of the future

The objectives surrounding climate and energy transition are a hard requirement for the coming decades. But there is a lot of work involved in realizing those goals. There are currently too few hands and brains to do this work. Consider, for example, the work that needs to be done to build heat networks powered by geothermal heat, install solar panels and build wind turbines. 

It is important to get more people interested in this with good information and education. As far as underground applications are concerned, the Energy Cave wants to play a leading role in this in the future. That is why more and more people will be able to see and experience this unique project. Master classes and workshops for schoolchildren and students will start soon.

Get in touch with us

Is your group interested in a visit? Please contact us to prepare your visit. We would like to welcome you to the Energy Cave for a sustainable future. 
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