About RCSG

Research and development for the energy transition

As a unique and open innovation lab, the Rijswijk Centre for Sustainable Geoenergy (RCSG) makes an important contribution to the energy transition. The RCSG is a knowledge developer, innovation accelerator and provider of test facilities for the underground applications needed to phase out the use of fossil energy.

Underground applications

In cooperation with companies and knowledge institutions, the RCSG tests and develops new materials and techniques that contribute to accelerating the use of geothermal energy (geothermal energy). And that is necessary, because by 2050 a quarter of the heat supply in the Netherlands must come from geothermal heat. RCSG is also involved in other (sustainable) applications in the underground, such as the storage of CO2, heat and hydrogen, and techniques to promote the transition from oil and gas.

Knowledge developer

The energy transition is already in full swing. Worldwide, societies like the Netherlands are also taking the next steps in the transition to a sustainable energy system. On the way there, many technologies still need to be developed. The underground plays an important role in the energy system of the future. Much and specific knowledge is needed for this. The RCSG plays a key role in this. It combines its own expertise with the knowledge of companies to develop new knowledge in its facilities in collaboration.

Provider of test facilities

The RCSG’s test facilities are unique. Nowhere in Europe is there such a wide selection of advanced equipment in one place. This means that RCSG can offer a wide range of high-quality research and development to companies that are directly or indirectly involved in developing underground opportunities for the energy transition.

Innovation Accelerator

Innovations are needed to further develop underground applications and RCSG actively seeks opportunities to do so. This is done on direct instructions from companies but also through cooperation in consortia. The costs of research and development are not always quickly recoverable, especially for SMEs. That is why the RCSG likes to work with public-private partnerships. Investments by companies in innovation can, under certain conditions, be supported by the government to stimulate development. In this way, working on the energy transition becomes more attractive for business and innovation is accelerated.

Sustainable goals

The facilities were once owned by Shell Research. This is where the oil company conducted research into drilling wells for oil and gas. Since being acquired by the RCSG in 2019, they have been used for sustainable purposes.

The RCSG is supported by TNO, EBN and government partners the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the province of South Holland and the municipality of Rijswijk. The implementation of the RCSG is in the hands of TNO.

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